PRISM has revolutionized the way REO closings are performed.




At PRISM Title and Closing we are proud to offer “Clarity in Closing” statewide in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota as well as a platform to handle National title and closing work through a "PRISM-like" network.

In 2005, the management team that formed PRISM had a vision to improve title and closing services. We envisioned providing accountability and clear communication, free from hoops and obstacles.

Since that time, PRISM has been perfecting REO as well as residential title and closing services which has resulted in a finely-tuned machine. We have streamlined communications, pioneered full accountability and shed new light on title and closing services in the real estate industry.

The PRISM philosophy dictates that all employees accept responsibility, correct errors and implement new safeguards to prevent recurrence. The buck is passed to no one – the buck stops with PRISM. We promise satisfaction or we promise to make it right.

Employees are happy and productive and clients enjoy single source efficiency and are thrilled to receive top-notch quality work while adhering to industry timelines.

Clarity in Closing means that we offer clear and transparent communication. It is that which keeps our clients happy and makes their experience with PRISM seamless and satisfying.


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