The vision for PRISM never ends. We are fluid, flexible and able to make important decisions quickly.





  • It’s our policy to warmly embrace clients and their needs.  We are open to any new idea that initiates a “best practice.” 
  • It’s our policy to be aggressive and technologically advanced.  We constantly refine processes to handle Residential and Commercial REO title and closing services quickly and effectively. 
  • It’s our policy to be fast, agile and able to prioritize and eliminate roadblocks in the face of tight deadlines.  We are innovators, everyday pushing to set the industry bar higher.
  • It’s our policy to conduct business with respect for everyone at all times…even in disrespectful and difficult situations.  We are purely focused on the success of our clients. 
  • It’s our policy to possess enormous energy, make decisions quickly and forge ahead with excitement.  We are fully committed to providing Clarity in Closing.