Staff Directory


Call it talent chemistry. When smart leaders surround themselves with the right players, something magical happens. PRISM has hand selected a team of “A-players” possessing creativity, positive energy and the passion needed for enduring success. A seamless process fostered by charismatic people is the strong chemistry we use to achieve magical results.


Name Title Phone Fax E-mail
Jane Schulte Executive VP/COO 859-344-2726 859-344-3801
Karen McDonald Director of Operations 859-344-2730 859-344-3837
Ann Wolf Human Resources Manager 859-344-2727 859-344-3803
Ray Winialski Information Technology Manager 859-344-2734 859-344-3807
Title Department
Tania Packard Title Department Manager 859-344-2749 859-344-3827
Jessica Wehrman Order/Deed Coordinator 859-344-7362 859-344-3858
Jeff Epure Title Coordinator 859-344-2743 859-344-3823
Stacey Owens Order/Deed Coordinator 859-344-2752 859-344-3865
Closing Department
Jeff Rupert Closing Department Manager 859-344-2830 859-344-3818
Katie McDonald Disbursement / Closing Specialist 859-344-2826 859-344-3846
Erica Glancy Pre-Closing Coordinator 859-344-7367 859-344-3820
Laura Wever Closing / Disbursement Specialist 859-344-2838 859-344-3842
National Department
Mike McDonald National Closing Coordinator 859-344-7369 859-344-3817
Post-Closing Department
Amy Bausch Post-Closing Department Manager 859-344-2737 859-344-3843
Elizabeth Vance Post-closing Coordinator 859-344-2756 859-344-3845